Turna Solutions, official Partner and Distributor of Nanol® Products in Turkey, Azerbaijan and the Middle East.

Economic & environmental impact

Fuel costs

Lower fuel consumption of 2-6%

In general, a factor of 10x ROI in fuel savings for Nanol customers

For e.g. large commercial truck fleets, at least 25% of operational costs refer to fuel


Wear and tear

Reduced wear and tear of components

Leading to prolonged service intervals and less downtime



Reduced emissions

Because of less fuel needed as well as reduced wear and tear of components, emissions from combustion engines can be reduced

Nanol is part of the solution for reduced global emissions and to keep environmental goals


up to 30% reduction in the coefficient of friction

up to 6% reduction in fuel consumption

up to 10% reduction in wear

up to 30% reduction in harmful emissions and greenhouse gases

used for more than 300.000 hours in 15 different 4- stroke engine types