Turna Solutions, official Partner and Distributor of Nanol® Products in Turkey, Azerbaijan and the Middle East.

Comments from Customers

“[Nanol] lubricant presents up to 3% improvement in power and torque. 

the [Nanol] lubricant is confirmed to improve the performance”

Millers Oil / University of Leeds


“For our test engines running with Nanol lubricant additive, fuel consumption was reduced by a 4% in 2011 as compared to 2010. We accredit this remarkable reduction to the use of Nanol”

Rederi AB Lillgaard - Baltic maritime service


”The oil additive combination reached a tenfold-WEC lifetime in comparison to the existing reference oil at mixed friction conditions”

Schaeffler Group


“Fuel consumption was reduced by 4% over the first 12 months of running with Nanol. Taking into account all relevant factors affecting consumption, we believe that Nanol is the cause of this reduction”

Bore Ltd - International Shipping


"During both the reference- and testing period, the collected data shows a remarkable reduction of fuel consumption on the test engine, and this reduction can, in our opinion, be attributed to Nanol."

Viking Line - Cruise ferry


"We have used Nanol in one of our ships, MS Ailas main engine and we can see positive results regarding fuel savings." The vessel is chartered by Containerships PLC.

Langh Ship Oy Ab - Multi-purpose vessel

Commercial Validation

Alands logo.png

Ålands Landskapsregering (ÅLG) has tested Nanol in one of their ships with great results:

  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Clear indication of Nanol creating the protective layer on relevant engine components

The pilot program expanded to a full commercial contract (all 5 ships in fleet):

“The results are to us remarkable and we have therefore expanded our agreement with Nanol for the next 2+2 years [...]. This is part of our work helping to achieve our goals in minimizing the usage of fossil fuels for a sustainable future”

4% fuel reduction over a 12 month period

10% reduction of lubrication oil in the engine with Nanol

5,000h (33%) prolongation of interval service

M/S Fjärdvägen has two main engines, and Nanol was added to one of the engines. The vessel operates a daily route between Åland and Finland. The evaluation period was 12 months and 25,000 hours


As a consequence of the test, the use of Nanol was expanded to both engines on M/S Fjärdvägen as well as two additional ships in the fleet