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Turna Solutions, official Partner and Distributor of Nanol Products in Turkey, Azerbaijan and the Middle East.

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The Nanol lubricant additive is designed for oils and greases in a wide range of automotive, marine, industrial, and off-highway applications. It lowers friction by forming smooth tribofilms that prevent direct metal-metal contact. Nanol is also unique because it regenerates itself to provide continuous performance and protection. It is safe and contains no harmful chemicals.

In contrast, conventional lubricant additives often contain phosphorus and sulphur, that are harmful to the environment. These are also sacrificial additives that quickly lose performance.


The key advantages of Nanol can be summarised as follows: 

  • Reduced wear and tear 

  • Extended service intervals 

  • Reduced frequency of oil changes 

  • Reduces operating temperature 

  • Improves fuel economy and lower emissions 

  • Extend life of engines and machinery 

  • Tribofilm Properties 

  • Higher Load Carrying 

  • Less Downtime 

  • Increased Energy Efficiency 

  • Heat Dissipation 

  • More Sustainable


Nanol also has several other important features: 

  • Safe to handle 

  • Eco-friendly 

  • Soluble in oil 

  • Works in all types of engines 


NANOL® POWER+ products designed to serve our customers various needs in different segments.


Lubricant Additive

Paste, wax-like multipurpose product to be blended into the lube (oils, greases etc.)

Available Packaging: 50kg Drums



Power+ MH

Especially designed for the Marine segment’s High-sulphur fuel users

Available Packaging: 1 Litre, 10 Litre



Power+ ML

Especially designed for the Marine segment’s Low-sulphur fuel users

Available Packaging: 1 Litre, 10 Litre



Power+ T

Especially designed for the Transport-sector (cars,buses, trucks, trains, caterpillars etc.)

Available Packaging: 

150ml (Treats up to 5L of engine oil)

250ml (Treats up to 8.5L of engine oil)

500ml (Treats up to 16.5L of engine oil)

1Litre (Treats up to 33L of engine oil)



Power+ E

Especially designed for the Energy / Power-sector (power plants, generators)

Available Packaging: 500 Litre 



Nanol has all the right performance attributes for an excellent lubricant additive. It has has been proven to work effectively in extensive independent laboratory, rig and engine tests, as well as extended field trials. The additive adapts to changing conditions, and can be used to produce high quality and very efficient lubricants, but at the same time, reduces operating costs and emissions, and also fights climate change. 

Nanol is synonymous with high quality. 

Made in Finland