Turna Solutions, official Partner and Distributor of Nanol® Products in Turkey, Azerbaijan and the Middle East.

About Nanol Technologies

Nanol® is a unique, innovative and patented lubricant additive that reduces friction and wear. It increases efficiency, reduces fuel consumption, extends equipment lifetimes, reduces emissions and mitigates hydrogen embrittlement. These performance benefits have been proven and demonstrated in extensive field tests. Additionally, a wide range of third-party laboratory, rig and engine test have been carried out with Nanol® to support the performance claims.


Nanol has successfully carried out extensive field tests in many different applications, especially focused on the shipping sector. Currently, Nanol has been used for more than 300.000 hours in 15 different 4- stroke engine types. 

Nanol reduces the stress on moving parts and ensure that engines operates at maximum performance, with no risk of damage. Nanol has been proven to deliver up to 30% reduction in the coefficient of friction, up to 6% reduction in fuel consumption, up to 10% reduction in wear, and up to 30% reduction in harmful emissions and greenhouse gases. The additive extends the lifetime of lubricants and hardware, and reduces the need for frequent oil changes, which reduces operating costs. Nanol provides excellent wear and tear protection in all operating conditions, and reduces friction and oil degradation to ensure optimal engine performance. This makes Nanol a very effective lubricant additive, which provides oil formulators with a new and exciting route to develop next generation lubricants. Nanol is eco-friendly and safe to handle. It does not have the disadvantages of most conventional additives, that contain phosphorus, sulphur and chlorine derivatives, which are undesirable and not kind to the environment. Nanol is the right solution to fight friction, wear, and metal fatigue


The Nanol® additive can deliver many important performance benefits:

  • Reduces friction, which increases energy efficiency 

  • Reduces wear and tear, which leads to longer lifetime of components, increased service and maintenance cycles and, eventually, to lower maintenance costs

  • Lowers equipment downtime with longer service intervals

  • More environmentally friendly with lower emissions and reduced waste


Nanol Technologies “One drop is enough” has been awarded the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label, a proof of high standards in sustainability and profitability.

Nanol has many important advantages that makes it the right lubrication solution for today and the future. It delivers superior anti-friction performance and also prevents of wear and metal fatigue. This provides reduced fuel consumption and crucially lower emissions. Nanol testing from bench-top experiments to large-scale trials, builds strong trust in the technology. The company now has the experience, understanding, and performance to help combat climate change.